man reflecting silently.

Say Your Life in Whispers

In this noisy era, we live so boldly and loudly—and far too publicly. Every moment, big or small, is captured and shared for others to consume. But God is in the silence too.
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Some Days It’s Hard to Get Out of Bed

Think about a difficult part of your upcoming day. You may be surprised at how well the preemptive rehearsal of inviting God to accompany you through it can work.
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Praying for Our Siblings

While it’s not always a symbiotic relationship, our sisters and brothers bring a sense of humor and history to our days, regardless of our age.
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Sealed with a Prayer

Creator of Eden, return us to a land of harmony. Bless us as we try to be good citizens. Help us respect the rights of all our neighbors.
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Obedience, Faith, Sacrifice

Respected physician Marcus Ji Tianxiang (1834-1900), self-prescribed opium for an ailment. When he became addicted to the drug, his confessor forbade him to take communion until he overcame the addiction.
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Thin Places Everywhere

Celtic Christians spoke of “thin places” as locations where heaven and earth meet. While certain places may be set apart as revealing God, all places reflect God’s presence.
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Baptism Equals Belovedness

The heavens ripped open wide the day Jesus was baptized. From that moment forward, he walked under an open heaven: meaning he walked in his fullness as one loved by the Father.
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