Pause + Pray

The Swirling Storms

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It can be a struggle to experience the intensities of life each day. Headlines and heartaches can feel like interruptions to our good intentions. The complexities of being human in relationship with other people and creation means that we regularly feel the swirl of stress, emotions, and uncertainty. In every moment, there is a need, a feeling, and a thought to tend to; the chaos and disorder is stormy.


Holy One,
No matter how intense or confusing life may be,
I believe you are with me, and you know all.
You know me and my anguish.
You know what feels stormy for me.
You know what feels terrible.
And you know that I still desire to hope and trust in you.
I do trust that you are holding me and providing for me.
I believe you are the source of order in the chaos,
offering me shelter in the storm.
Thank you, Lord!


Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and then turn your attention to the sacred space of your human heart. What emotions and thoughts are stirring? Is there a sense of calm and quiet within? Dwell with the reality of the present moment and allow Christ to minister to you, to provide shelter to you in the storm.

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