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Let Your Life Speak

Reflect One of the most well-known poems of Mary Oliver is “The Summer Day.” She ends it with some of her most famous words, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” …

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Christ at Emmaus

The Light of Your Face

Reflect During the Eucharistic prayer, we hear the words, “Remember all who have died in your mercy; welcome them into the light of your face.” Who comes to mind when you hear this? Can you feel the comfort in your …

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person walking a desert path

Your Unique Path

Reflect Sometimes on the path we’re walking it is easy to take out our frustration and confusion on God. This is human, normal, and OK. But what would it look like to consider resting in your inherent union with the …

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hands with yes and no signs

Polarization vs. Alienation

Reflect One of the saddest realizations of our current culture is how polarized we Americans have become—politics, faith, how we treat people different than us. While polarizations are living in camps or opposite spectrums, alienation completely isolates and ignores those …

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Person sitting quietly by water


Reflect Quietude is a beautiful yet underused word, defined as stillness or calmness in a person or place. Though perhaps we think it is especially hard to find in today’s world, it was a challenge for Jesus too. Scripture shows …

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man jumping from airplane

When Nothing Makes Sense

Reflect On his road to Calvary, Jesus of Nazareth modeled trust and obedience as he suffered. Sometimes in life nothing makes sense. The trapdoor opens and we find ourselves free-falling into darkness. Maybe we feel hopeless or helpless, but trust …

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hand holding megaphone

Be a Prophet Like John

Reflect If John the Baptist walked among us today, we probably would be quite scandalized by his camel hair clothes and bug-eating ways. And yet, it is very often prophetic voices of truth that come to us in ways we …

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