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woman reading the newspaper

Pray the News

There is a subtle temptation to reduce the spiritual life to a relationship between “me and Jesus.” We wrongfully treat others and the world as distractions.

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woman holding a bouquet of yellow roses.

‘Smell the Roses’

The created cosmos is a book written by God just for us. When we pause to ponder, we “read” about God’s goodness, power, beauty, and presence. What do the images all around us tell you about God?

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woman holding sign "I'm here you not" sign at a waterfall

The Antidote to Envy

The sin of envy sometimes lies at the heart of resentment and the obsession to discredit or malign the reputation of others. Envy’s antidote is self-acceptance and the ability to celebrate the lives of my neighbors.

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hands praying and person reading Bible

Head, Heart, and Hands

Every Christian is called not only to listen to Scripture but also to put flesh and bones on the Word of God. By doing so we imitate the Virgin Mary and give birth again to the Word of God.

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angry man with fist

Two Views on Anger

Did you know that anger is not always a sin? Think of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple. Righteous anger blazes in the lives of the saints and leads them to boldly stand up and speak out.

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person in business clothes

Change Your Focus

It’s tragic how we measure success based upon the “P’s.” Bill thinks it’s about power. Arlene craves popularity. Joseph lusts for prestige. Mary wants privilege.

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