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Sin As Teacher

Our attempts to make up for deficiencies from our childhoods lead to our recurring sins. By the Holy Spirit’s gifts of insight and understanding, we can begin the process of being freed from our slavery to sin.

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

St. Augustine hit the nail on the head when he famously said, “Love and then do as you please.” All the commandments align as we try to love God and love our neighbor.

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God’s Amazing Grace

The most authentic sign of God’s grace—and a modern miracle—are the simple words, “I confess . . . I’m sorry,” spoken from a repentant heart turned toward God.

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An Endless Buffet

Though I might think myself far from gluttony’s traditional bountiful banquet, it’s squeezing me tightly whenever I have a driven need or insatiable appetite for any activity—be it feast, famine, exercise, or dressing up.

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Living with Clenched Fists

The sin of greed arises from the belief that God cannot be trusted to take care of my needs and so I horde and hide the essentials of daily living. Greed’s antidote is trust in God and charity toward others.

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