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The Mirror on the Wall

Don’t confuse pride with healthy self-esteem and gratitude for God-given talents, gifts, and accomplishments. Pride takes credit for everything and denies God’s grace working in my life. Its antidote is humility—the virtue that keeps my feet on the ground.

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Use Your Head, Heart, and Hands

Every Christian is called not only to listen to Scripture but also to put flesh and bones on the Word of God. By doing so we imitate the Virgin Mary and give birth again to the Word of God.

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Adoration to Action

Our eucharistic adoration should lead to eucharistic action—a life of service, surrender, and sacrifice. Follow time spent in eucharistic adoration with a commitment to doing a specific act of charity.

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Deceptive Distractions

The goal of prayer is not some thoughtless state of consciousness. Prayer’s real goal is a surrendered heart of love. And we attain that surrender by having a heart-to-heart conversation—including sharing our distractions and mental diversions—with a God who loves us unconditionally.

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Anger: Sinful or Saintly?

Did you know that anger is not always a sin? Think of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple. Righteous anger blazes in the lives of the saints and leads them to boldly stand up and speak out.

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An Antidote to Sleepwalking

God’s presence surrounds us and is always reaching out to us in the nitty-gritty experiences of our daily life. Unfortunately, most of us go through life as sleepwalkers, unaware of these “glimpses of God.”

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