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Head, Heart, and Hands

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Every Christian is called not only to listen to Scripture but also to put flesh and bones on the Word of God. How do we do that? A simple method is to choose a particular Scripture passage like one of the Gospel stories. Then ask yourself three questions: What does this passage say to my head? What does it say to my heart? And what does it say to my hands? By listening to the head-information about God’s relationship to the world, discovering our heart-feelings about it, and deliberately deciding on a response with our hands, we imitate the Virgin Mary by giving birth to the Word of God.


Blessed Mary, as the first among your Son’s disciples
you listened deeply to the Word of God.
With your “yes” to the message of the angel
the Word became flesh.
May I hear God’s invitation in Scripture
and by my assent to it, give birth to the Word.
Through Christ our Lord.


Prayerfully read either today’s Gospel from Mass or another Scripture passage and ask yourself how it speaks to your head, your heart, and your hands.

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