Pause + Pray

Blessed by Strong Women



March is Women’s History Month. From the early suffragists to Dorothy Day to Sister Joan Chittister, you can see a direct line of empowered women intrepidly making the world a better place. It might be through direct involvement in policies and issues with an eye toward equity and inclusion. Or it could be the simple yet wonderfully subversive action of a woman saying, “Yes, I can do that,” when there is still misplaced doubt about the deep-seated abilities women bring to the table in work, family, and faith life. As a man writing about the countless contributions of women throughout history and today, I can only wonder with eager anticipation what gifts the future holds.


We thank you for the many women who have walked this earth
With grace, fortitude, compassion, and intelligence,
Despite being told that they couldn’t—or shouldn’t—strive to reach their potential
Help the women today who are boldly continuing in that same way to shatter
Artificial, patriarchal ceilings and barriers that stand in the way.
Shake all of us from our comfortable gender roles so that we can learn from each other,
And remind us that we are on equal footing in your loving eyes.


Who are the women in your life—no matter who you are or how you identify—that inspire you to be the best version of yourself? How have their actions or words impacted you? Without grandstanding or coming across as patronizing, slip in a sincere word of thanks the next time you see them for their gift of example. If they are no longer with us, offer up a prayer of thanksgiving.

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