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Calming Your Fears

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“I recently saw a poster that read, ‘Worry is the misuse of the imagination.’ Things seldom happen as we expect. Most of our fears turn out to be our imaginings. The difficulties we anticipated become very simple in reality. The real difficulties are often the things we never anticipated. It’s better to accept things as they come, one after another, trusting that we will have the grace to deal with them at the right time. The best way to prepare for the future is to put our hearts in the present. Projecting into the future cuts us off from reality and saps our energy.”—from Three Minutes with God, by Msgr. Frank Bognanno


Too often I avoid situations or people
Simply because it’s the easy path.
Speed, convenience, and efficiency
Have become all-important,
While the softer skills of communication,
A naturally slow conversation,
A simple wave of hello to a stranger,
A quick, but sincere thank-you to
those who are so often glossed over
in our rush . . . to do what, exactly?
We are afraid to slow down, Lord.
Help us apply the brakes 
in the places in our lives where we can
gently ease up on ourselves, get our bearings,
and remember that you’re really in control.


What is one thing you are afraid of? Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Just for today, keep the note nearby, and when you think of what you wrote down, mindfully re-center yourself in the present. Notice any shifts in your perception of this fear.

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