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Unanswered Prayer

Reflect I have sat with many people of faith struggling to understand why a prayer went unanswered. Perhaps a loved one died from prolonged illness. Perhaps a loved one did not divert from a self-destructive path. Perhaps an undertaking ended …

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Forgiving with Bakhita

Josephine Bakhita said that if she met her torturers she would kiss their feet, for without them she would not have become a Christian or a woman religious.

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Rain or Shine

A dark cloud may mean a welcome rain, but it seldom lifts my spirit to say an Alleluia. I want sunshine.

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One Candle Lighting Another

Throughout the day, we encounter a variety of people who may be strangers. May this prayer support you in knowing that what you give to all brightens the world.

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Attention Gives Importance

Where we place our focus determines our attitude. When we start down a familiar mental rut (“Why do I get stuck with all the work around here?”), we can redirect that channel, finding something to appreciate.

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Dignity of Work

Caught up in routine we forget to take satisfaction in what we do, while others struggle to find gainful employment. Let us pray to cherish our hard work.

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(Re)Building Family Bonds

Family is at the core of our social structure. But sometimes we take our families for granted or even experience deep rifts with some of our loved ones.

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