woman holding a watermelon in front of her face that looks like it is smiling

Receiving the Smile

“The Little Drummer Boy,” composed by Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941, has long been a staple carol during the Christmas season.
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Praying the Pictures

Seeing God smile back—captured in the eyes of loved ones—can be called the Way of the Family.
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Freedom to Love

Is there a part of you that is tethered or restrained from being free? Perhaps there is a relationship that is unhealthy, a lifestyle choice that is holding you back, or some other stumbling block. Think of how freedom from
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Fear That Has Said Its Prayers

There is nothing wrong with being afraid. The challenge is not being afraid of being afraid.
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Whatever the Weather

When we choose to see our connection to the created world we can be sure that—rain or shine—we will encounter the sacred.
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What Legacy Will You Leave?

Each of our lives will tell a unique story, and will carry a spark of the divine power and presence of God. Where is God asking to pour you out like fine oil?
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Letting Go of What We Love

Despite physical and mental problems that led to his death a few years later, Louis Martin did nothing to discourage his daughter Thérèse’s vocation.
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