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God Calls Us to Be Woke

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To be “woke” is a term derived from the civil rights movement—it is an invitation to be alert of our own hidden prejudices and biases. Our faith also calls us to be “woke.” To be “awake” as a Christian means living and walking in the light, to stay awake and alert to the presence of God all around us.


God of Light,
Help me to stay awake and woke—
to your presence all around me—
especially to those who suffer or are marginalized.
Show me how to be a peacemaker, mend divisions, and work for justice.


Where in my life am I asleep? Where in my life do I need to wake up?

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1 thought on “God Calls Us to Be Woke”

  1. Arlene B. Muller

    Everything being promoted as part of being “woke” appears to be tied to self-hatred, hatred & destruction, viewing only the evil in our history & destroying buildings & sculptures. YES, we need to acknowledge & repent for the sins of our past & resolve to do better in our future, but we should not view all of history with through dark glasses or wallow in the sins of our past, but we should also acknowledge the good, acknowledge how we have been enlightened, how far we have come in making amends & move forward & continue to do better in the future.
    By all means we need to promote justice & peace & examine ourselves & our institutions as to how we can do better in ensuring people of all races are provided with equal opportunity, in giving people who in a lower socioeconomic status opportunities for better education–that is why I strongly believe in “school choice”–better job opportunities, better job training & mentoring–and a “hand up” so that they can work their way to a better life.
    We need to work to make this present world a world more in line with the Kingdom of GOD where every person without exception is treated with respect for his/her human dignity & loved as a child of GOD & a brother or sister.
    This “woke” culture tends to foster hatred. We need to foster peace & love & mutual respect.

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