January 30, 2023

Sunday Soundbite for February 5, 2023

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle AFebruary 5, 2023 Our First Reading today always causes me to smile. Back in the 1970’s, I belonged to a Christian mime group. In white face make-up and gaudy suspenders, we acted out Bible ...
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Silhouette of person looking at sunset

God Calls Us to Be Woke

Reflect To be “woke” is a term derived from the civil rights movement—it is an invitation to be alert of our own hidden prejudices and biases. Our faith also calls us to be “woke.” To be “awake” as a Christian ...
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Woman looking at the sunrise | Image: Unsplash

Making God Too Small

At the start of any year, I am usually focused on St. Francis of Assisi and his wonderful appreciation of God and the natural world.
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Israeli security personnel work at a scene where a suspected incident of shooting attack took place, police spokesman said, just outside Jerusalem's Old City Jan. 28, 2023. Jerusalem spiraled into a weekend of violence as seven Israelis were killed Jan. 27 at a synagogue after prayers and another shooting the next day left two Israelis injured just outside of the Old City in the Palestinian village of Silwan where Jewish settlers have established themselves and an archaeological site. (OSV News photo/Ammar Awad, Reuters)

Christian quarter targeted as Jerusalem spirals into weekend of violence

Following a rampage of a radical Jewish gang in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City on the evening of Jan. 26, the Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land called on political and religious authorities to bring ...
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