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Ring the Warning Bells

Four bells


Throughout history church bells have invited people to worship and celebrate, as well as ring out warnings of danger like invasion or fire. In September of 2019, they rang in solidarity with the climate strike of four million young people in 150 countries. Some rang for 11 minutes, signaling the 11 years scientists say we have to limit global warming to a maximum increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, or risk catastrophic loss of life.


God, source of all life, you have given us a beautiful planetary home
and made us stewards of your creation.
Give us courage to preserve this unique and precious gift.


Consider how your letters, phone calls, or emails can affect climate legislation or wasteful manufacturing. Speak loud and clear to challenge governments and businesses.

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7 thoughts on “Ring the Warning Bells”

  1. Ok, here we go again with this climate change fear mongering. Yes, the environment matters. Yes, humans are affecting the environment, but so are other things to be considered. Until you can accurately calculate those other factors, please don’t bore me with how you know more than God, because I’m not buying it! Some will say, “the science this and the science that,” oh yeah? There is so much about the environment even the best scientists don’t even know about. And when the real scientists talk, do you listen to what they have to say? It’s not about emotions. It’s by the numbers. But do you want to hear what they say? Maybe the truth is not in your interests because it doesn’t fit your silly agenda. Maybe you have other ulterior motives, such as equity crap this, and equity crap that. It’s not fair that some people have more than others and all of that stuff. Well, that’s not about the climate then, is it? Then we’re talking about politics once again.

      1. Ryan, I’m well alright. You just don’t agree with my point of view, that’s all. But that’s ok too, since we are all entitled to our various opinions.

      2. Let me add one more thing Ryan, since you obviously didn’t see what I posted a couple of days ago on this subject. Whether you will see this or not, I don’t know but for the others, I want to say to go online to You Tube and look up FrackNation and see the video by an Irish journalist. Another important name to remember is John Flavin and you can see what he has to say online on the subject at Quora.

  2. Expert Scientists, hardly. So called experts have been predicting disaster for year. Yet we are still here and those how made the predictions are now Very Rich. I believe God wants us to utilize the many resources He gave us and protect the environment. They are not exclusive.

  3. I would expect a Jesuit website to be the one conflating environmentalism with spirituality in anti-corporatist overtones. Desperate people are not crossing our southern border to escape the evils of climate change- they are fleeing uncharitable hearts, family-killing oppression and scarcity in search of a better life through improved business prospects. Franciscan Media contributors need to focus on what’s needed to live in the imitation of Christ, not the image of ‘woke’.

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