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Meditating upon the Core

Reflect For St. Bonaventure, his structure for reality began with the Trinity: the self-diffusive, creative force of love shared in relationship between the Father, Spirit, and Son. What would it look like to imitate this same dynamic in our own …

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A Heart Not Only Broken, but Open

The heartache of loss can last a long time and even get in the way of nurturing other relationships. God’s love for us and those we have lost is the healing light we need to see the way forward.

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Build Bridges, Not Walls

As children, we’re told that monsters aren’t real. As we grow in age and wisdom, however, we know that isn’t completely true.

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The Desire to Forgive

Forgiveness is not a one-time event or even a quick remedy. Forgiveness is a choice, a process, and a desire for which we can ask.

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Ongoing Discipleship

Today we pray to take seriously our call to discipleship, letting Jesus’ example influence every decision we make.

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Prayers for the Pandemic

The constant angst and heaviness of the pandemic has taken its toll in some way on each of us. May this prayer remind you of your humanity at a time when it is easy to be hard on yourself.

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Solidarity in Suffering

No matter the scope, we all suffer in some way. That’s good to remember when we are interacting with people in our daily lives.

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