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Heed the Call

Many in the US prefer to pretend that “everything’s fine,” ignoring the world’s ecological crisis.
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In Tune with the Present

The past and the future are sprinkled with many blessings, however God is in the present.
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When It Feels Like No One Is Listening

The promise of Jesus is that he knows the loneliness that all humans know, and experienced it through his Incarnation. Make time to do something for yourself today that brings you joy.
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I Thought This Would Be Easier

It’s a tad ironic how easy it is to be grateful for the positive, joyful moments in life, and yet our faith calls us to be thankful for everything—even the most difficult situations. Yes, even in the death of a ...
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St. Francis’ Foolish Way

Francis once told a cardinal, “The Lord has told me that he wanted to make a new fool of me.” How many of us would boast that we’re idiots?
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Living a Creative Life

We have all been made in the image of a creative God, and we mirror that divine creativity in millions of ways. What form of creative expression can you put into practice today?
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The Strings of Love

Think about the words of Mechthild of Magdeburg: “The Holy Spirit is our harpist/And all strings/Which are touched in Love/Must sound.”
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