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Meditating upon the Core

Reflect For St. Bonaventure, his structure for reality began with the Trinity: the self-diffusive, creative force of love shared in relationship between the Father, Spirit, and Son. What would it look like to imitate this same dynamic in our own …

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God of the Present Moment

We follow a God who is God of the present. God is always with us in the present moment–be that moment joyful or painful, hard or easy.

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Little Way, Hard Way

Through the aggravations received from her Carmelite sisters, Thérèse of Lisieux developed what we know as the Little Way, serving God in the small things.

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Praying with Bakhita

St. Josephine Bakhita forgave her enslavers because she understood something they could not: Love will always conquer hatred.

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Puzzle Pieces

Finding the puzzle’s straight lines which hint at outer edges is a good way to get started putting it together.

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The Blessing of God’s Presence

With reflection we can see links between past and present, the whole web of our lives shining with God’s presence. God knew exactly what we needed and provided it.

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A Humble Heart

In order to learn anything, we must first accept our limitations. How can we be better Christians if we do not approach God with a humble heart?

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