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What’s Your Availability to Others?

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It’s easy to get caught up with the frenetic pace of life, to forget that someone in our path today might be hurting quietly, anonymously. Our faith teaches us to be aware not only of God’s grandeur and the beauty of creation, but also where the pain points are. 


You care for and love each and every human being on the planet,
Past, present, and future.
It seems as if I can hardly spare a few moments of attention to look up from
Whatever pressing matter is on my screen
So that I might see what’s really happening around me.
Guide me to the places where the pain is,
Where I can be a part of healing those hurts
Or, at the very least, being compassionately present
With those who are suffering alone.


“Be available intentionally to someone who needs your attention and love. Try to be available with attention and a smile. It will brighten someone else’s day and your own.”—from Three Minutes with God, by Msgr. Frank Bognanno

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1 thought on “What’s Your Availability to Others?”

  1. To be “available “ means to first understand that you must be “vulnerable.”
    Vulnerability is oftentimes painful and costly!
    Being available requires Dying to self, to become like Jesus who is the only Selfless person to have walked the earth.

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