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Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

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Family is at the core of our social structure and given great importance in our Catholic faith. But sometimes we take our families for granted or even experience deep rifts with some of our loved ones. Let’s pray for ever-stronger family bonds.


Lord, I love my family,
but sometimes they drive me crazy!
It might be about politics,
how I choose to live my life,
or old wounds that never seem to heal.
Help me to repair my relationships with my loved ones
and to see the good in them despite our differences. Amen.


Who in your family have you had a recent conflict with? Identify one area of common ground (even if it’s a shared favorite TV show or movie), and begin to build a bridge.

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2 thoughts on “Bonds That Can’t Be Broken”

  1. Lord, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has conceived the things you have prepared for those who love you. Set us ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit, that we may love you in and above all things and so receive the rewards you have promised us through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. Mike Reininger

    I can’t imagine a bond being broken between a parent and a child, but bonds between siblings do break for whatever reason. That’s life. It is probably best to simply make new friends and to hell with whatever friendship once existed with one’s siblings. How many siblings grow up to be good friends, anyways?

    I’m currently living with a sibling, and we merely tolerate each other. We don’t really have much in common. She doesn’t go to church anymore. That’s her business. We both inherited my mom’s house. My oldest brother once asked how I can stand it, I said, “What choice do I have?” My oldest brother is a jerk in his own way.

    So, if blood really thicker than water? What are the circumstances? Who are the heirs? What do you have in common that remains? Do their children still like you? And if so, how much? What are you even good for? Are they in your will? Questions, questions, questions. My designated nephews and nieces know they will be inheriting my millions and millions of dollars in Monopoly money and food stamps, lol, as they rub their hands together and say they can’t wait!

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