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Open-ended Questions

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In the Gospels, Jesus demonstrates the power of open-ended questions. He asks the first disciples, “What do you want?” (Mk 10:46), and then after his resurrection, he asks those walking on the road to Emmaus what they’re talking about (Lk 24:17). Which open-ended questions have influenced your faith journey?


You are the great teacher,
And you have shown us the power
of good questions. As your student,
help me to imitate you and ask questions
that allow for exploration. When I am
in conversation with others, guide me 
so that I can listen without an agenda
and be freed from the traps of hearing
what I want.


Open-ended questions don’t have a short answer such as yes or no. Create a list of open-ended questions starting with words such as what, why, and how. Try to find a way to work one of the questions into a conversation before the day is through.

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