July 16, 2023

two sisters sitting on rocks

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

Reflect Family is at the core of our social structure and given great importance in our Catholic faith. But sometimes we take our families for granted or even experience deep rifts with some of our loved ones. Let’s pray for ...
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plants growing | Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Creation Out of Silence

Silence precedes, undergirds, and grounds everything. We cannot just see it as an accident, or as something unnecessary.
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People with eyes closed in church

Sunday Soundbite for July 16, 2023

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle AJuly 16, 2023 For many years I’ve worked at a parish that draws its members in part from a rural, farming area. Folks who work on a farm usually attend our earliest Sunday Mass. ...
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St. Clare of Assisi

Five Women of Faith: St. Clare of Assisi

Within each of us is the potential to be a light focusing attention on God’s presence in our world. St. Clare of Assisi’s life reveals just how much light she shed.
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