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man standing on earth looking into heaven

Heaven and Earth

The first Franciscans believed that God was in the world, actively shaping human experience, and inspiring birds’ songs and wolves’ howls.

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opposite view through a lens

An Alternative Vision of God

If Christian faith is to be meaningful to twenty-first-century individuals and play a positive role in healing the earth and its peoples, Christians must choose the way of loving relatedness.

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sad woman by rainy window

God’s Tears

God feels the pain of an injured baby bird, fallen out of its nest, and the loneliness of a pet mourning the death of its human companion.

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young woman praying

Praying Twice

Ephesians 5:18–19 counsels us “to be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another [in] psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and playing to the Lord in your hearts.”

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person focusing through binoculars

What Is Spiritual Poverty?

Francis and Clare of Assisi prized holy simplicity or put another way, spiritual poverty. They pruned away everything that stood between them and God.

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