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Are You Feeling Lost?

When you feel lost pause awhile, pray for guidance, and take time to let the answers come. Let your actions be informed by God’s still small voice and your deepest evaluation of the situation.

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Affirming Others

By letting go of our own need to focus on differences, we learn to share our common humanity and become God’s companions in healing the world.

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Like Stars

Be a star and let your light shine. It’s not about ego or being special, but awakening to and bringing forth God’s presence in those you encounter today.

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Solved in the Walking

Moving our bodies energizes our minds and spirits and awakens us to new perspectives. When we move our bodies, our spirits move as well! God is with you on the journey.

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Welcoming Sinners

Following Jesus, I will transcend my judgments and the mores of society to see the holiness in each person. I will view each person–even those whom I tend to marginalize–as God’s beloved children, worthy of my respect even when I must challenge their politics or behaviors.

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Prayerful Protesting

Spirituality expands our empathy and awareness of others’ pain. It inspires us to challenge everything that hurts those around us, most especially institutional, governmental, and economic injustice.

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