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The Our Father, Amen, and Holding Hands

Q: Would you say if there is still an amen at the end of the Our Father? At Mass, I realize a prayer has been inserted between the main body of the prayer and when the priest says amen. But when saying the Our Father in the rosary or just saying the prayer, is there still an amen? Second, is it proper to hold hands at the Our Father during Mass? I have read that this should not be allowed.

A: In the Enchiridion of Indulgences where the texts of prayers are given, amen usually appears as a response of others to a leader’s prayer. When the text of the Our Father appears at the end of the renewal of baptismal promises, however, the prayer itself ends with amen. You can draw your own conclusion. The prayer’s efficacy doesn’t depend on the amen. When praying in a group, I would follow whatever is the common practice. Personally, I would not find holding hands during the Our Father at Mass antirubrical, though it is not included in the official rubrics. Neither are there rubrics allowing for the collection!

The question may become moot if the new Sacramentary is approved. There is provision there for the worshipers to imitate the gesture of the celebrant by raising their arms with palms and hands extended during the Lord’s Prayer.

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