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woman mourning

Future Grief

Most of us have felt the very real sting of grief and the lingering ache of mourning after losing a loved one. But have you ever felt creeping dread of losing someone who is still with us? I know I ...
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two brothers

Siblings, Siblings

It’s kind of tricky. If we have a falling out with a sibling, it’s tempting to gloat or rejoice over any subsequent debacles their life.
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woman in church

Give to God What Is God’s

I find myself distracted during my prayer time by my long to-do list or preoccupied at Mass by the sounds around me and the noise in my head. Then Jesus says to my heart, “Repay . . . to God ...
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Picture of Mary and Jesus

Prayer to Mother Mary

When we’re sad or lonely, who better to turn to than our universal mother? Mary can feel the ripples of pain in our hearts and is ready to guide us to her son.
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Woman praying in church | Photo by Gianna Bonello on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: The Power of Prayer

We often are deaf to God’s presence, loving inspirations, guidance, tenderness, and mercy because of the noise around us and inside us.
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Man prays against a wall | Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Three Minutes with God: Strength in Suffering

Three Minutes with God features hundreds of inspiring reflections and prayers that will remind you to rejoice and praise God.
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