Prayer and Meditation

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Sinners Make the Best Contemplatives

Jesus said he came for the sick, not the healthy. He dined with sinners, not church leaders. So who’s “special”?
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Darkness and Light

Poet Dorothy Walters offers the advice that I needed: “First let your heart be broken open.” In order to go deeper, the pain had to be met and experienced.
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The Divine Dance of Lent

Prayer as a spiritual practice never goes out of style. Prayer is a powerful way of participating in divine community.
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man kneeling in prayer

Praying with Our Bodies

Although our culture separates body and spirit, the very incarnation of Jesus speaks to a higher reality.
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Life and Love Within Myself

In my best, my most alive moments—in my mystical moments, if you want—I have a profound sense of belonging.
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Two people at the beach | Photo by Vinit Vispute on Unsplash

Wonder, Woe, and Well-Being

Seasoned by tears of joy and lament, prayer-centered presence invites us to welcome the whole world by drawing it into our heart-center.
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