Prayer and Meditation

Statue of Jesus with outstretched arm | Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Christ Lives Within

There is nothing wrong with asking for something in prayer, as this names for God the desires of our hearts.
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woman touching a mirror | Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

Reflecting Divinity

In prayer, we merely keep returning the divine gaze, and we become its reflection, almost in spite of ourselves (2 Corinthians 3:18).
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Man jumping full of joy

Cultivating Joy

Joy is contagious—and it costs nothing to share it with those around us. Remind someone close that they are loved and cherished.
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People walking in a city | Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

God’s Good Time

Unpossessed by possessions, we are free to welcome our own poverty of spirit, for only those who know they are incomplete can be made whole.
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Woman opens a door | Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

The Holy One Awaits

Unlike our ancestors, we live privileged lives, enjoying more comforts and opportunities than the ancients could ever have imagined.
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Man with headphones

Listen Longer

Today consider the words from Psalm 116: 1–2: “I love the Lord, who listened to my voice in supplication, who turned an ear to me on the day I called.”
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