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Christ Lives Within

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There is nothing wrong with asking for something in prayer, as this names for God the desires of our hearts. But sometimes in a culture that is so focused on results, this can also bleed into our prayer lives, leading us to treat God like a genie. 

Let yourself pray without asking God for “something that I want.” As the Father told Jesus in John 17:10: “Everything of mine is yours and everything of yours is mine.” Might this also be true of us, whom Christ lives within? 

—from St. Anthony Messenger‘s “Let Us Pray: Presence and Surrender
by Stephen Copeland

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2 thoughts on “Christ Lives Within”

  1. Short and sweet. It is the stumbing block, the scandal of the cross that defeats so many in hope and faith: God didn’t serve me like a hotel concierge. So why continue in the aspiration of accepting the claim that he loves me? And there usually isn’t a quick answer to that doubt. So we turn elsewhere, or more properly, back to where we never really left: selfishness.

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