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Now What?

Are you too busy to be bored? I hope not. It might seem like an odd thing to celebrate, but in our world of nonstop digital interaction and hurried work and family life, boredom is something of a rarity.
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Following the Better Angels of Our Nature

In his first inaugural address, President Abraham Lincoln counseled his listeners to follow the better angels of their nature. War was on the horizon, and yet Lincoln asserted that “we are not enemies, but friends.”
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woman holding a flower | Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash

Peace Is a Gift

Peace is a gift from God. Human actions that cooperate with God’s grace activate peace in the world.
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woman walking along a hidden path.

A Hidden River

It is a natural part of our faith journey to not always be able to feel God, especially when something is weighing on our hearts.
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man enjoying quiet and peace.

Carry the Peace

Peace does not mean everything is perfect or feels good all the time. Rather, peace is the living presence of God at all times, in all situations.
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young woman reflecting

Make Space for Peace

Making time to just sit and be still can seem countercultural to what we are told to do daily. It's in the moments when we allow ourselves to be still that we can encounter a peace that is life-giving.
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