pregnant woman

Pregnant Pause

Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit and became pregnant with the Messiah. When a woman becomes pregnant, rest is vital for her body.
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men resting

Experience God’s Nearness

We want to experience the nearness of God, but we lack the ability to be still.
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woman with hair on her closed eyes

The Sweetness of Sabbath

Reflect We each know the feelings of drowsiness, exhaustion, and depletion. We yawn, and our eyes droop. We feel like we will collapse from fatigue. Each time we feel tired, we are reminded that we are not machines; we are ...
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man and dog asleep

In Green Pastures

Reflect  God the shepherd cares about everything in our lives, and this includes our sleep. Have you felt that your sleep has been restorative lately, or, like many of us, have you been anxious, and struggled?  Pray Dear God,Tonight may ...
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woman reading in a hammock

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Reflect The Italians have a popular phrase that goes, “Il dolce far niente,” or “the sweetness of doing nothing.” They practice this with their long lunch siestas with family, monthlong vacations in August, and in their lifestyle as a whole. ...
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Two kids sleeping

In Rest Is Your Salvation

We don’t know how to rest and relax anymore.
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