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In Green Pastures

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 God the shepherd cares about everything in our lives, and this includes our sleep. Have you felt that your sleep has been restorative lately, or, like many of us, have you been anxious, and struggled? 


Dear God,
Tonight may I fully rest in the dark.
May I wholly fall into the weightless
embrace of your arms.
Let me awaken to a world
renewed, and full of more 
hope and trust.
Help me sleep deeply tonight.
Refresh me with your love. 


Tonight, before you go to bed, slowly read Psalm 23, and as you end your day, know that God longs to restore your soul.

Guided by Saints journal

1 thought on “In Green Pastures”

  1. This reflection has really spoken to my heart. I have troubles sleeping because of a health issue and so I am often tired each morning. I pray to God when I can’t sleep but now I will add Psalm 23 to my nightly prayers knowing that Jesus, the Good Shepherd is taking care of me and I will remember all of the other sleepless people in my prayers.

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