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Sustainable Eating

carrots and apples


We can live simply and eat more sustainably so others can simply eat. We can reflect on our food consumption and the infrastructure that is required to sustain our eating habits. We may choose to eat lower on the food chain and eat foods that have the lowest carbon footprint. We can be mindful of what we eat and how our diet affects the least of these, the earth’s most vulnerable people as well as nonhuman life.


God of abundant creativity,
I give thanks for my daily bread,
For food and shelter,
Warmth and comfort.
Let me give thanks for my largesse,
And out of this gratitude, 
Examine my lifestyle and eating habits,
That they might support the welfare of others
And contribute to the healing of the earth.


Reflect on how you might shop with greater mindfulness, eat lower on the food chain, minimize your intake of meat (or, at least, factory farmed meat), and explore ways to use more simply packed foods. You will be healthier and so will the planet.

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6 thoughts on “Sustainable Eating”

  1. I believe they’re all consonant with the sentiments/instructions of the Holy Father… take that for what it’s worth.

  2. I agree with Tom and Mike and was disgusted with the political agenda. I feel the pain that carrots experience when we bit into them. Those poor carrots being ripped out of the earth and being devoured.

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