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The Sweetness of Sabbath

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We each know the feelings of drowsiness, exhaustion, and depletion. We yawn, and our eyes droop. We feel like we will collapse from fatigue. Each time we feel tired, we are reminded that we are not machines; we are finite, sacred human beings. We are children of God in need of rest.


God of rest and renewal,
We know that you have commanded us to Sabbath
and retreat, to “come away awhile and rest”
with you (Mk 6:31). Yet it is easy for us
to push ourselves and ignore our body’s needs,
to ignore our connection to you. We invite you
to help us say yes to the mercies offered
to us through Sabbath, as we trust 
that your command to take a holy pause
is a way that you offer us care.
Restore us and recreate us, dear God,
as we rest in you.


Take a moment to tune in to the sense of tiredness in your body that you are feeling right now. Or recall a time when you felt exhausted. How could you take a mini-Sabbath in this moment and invite God to restore your strength? Could you pause to take a nap, a walk, or spend some time in quiet prayer?

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2 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Sabbath”

  1. Thank you Sister Julia. I’ll be placing this prayer at my work station as a reminder to break away and rest, even if just briefly, with Jesus through the workday.

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