July 2, 2023

woman with hair on her closed eyes

The Sweetness of Sabbath

Reflect We each know the feelings of drowsiness, exhaustion, and depletion. We yawn, and our eyes droop. We feel like we will collapse from fatigue. Each time we feel tired, we are reminded that we are not machines; we are ...
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God Will Show Us the Way

A preference for light and beauty is one of the reasons St. Francis was so successfully a peacemaker.
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Sunday Soundbite for July 2, 2023

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle AJuly 2, 2023 Today’s reading from the Second Book of Kings may be unfamiliar to you. The prophet Elisha receives the hospitality of a wealthy couple. They provide him with a room in their ...
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Five Women of Faith: St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti has captured the love and affection of thousands of people because of the simplicity and purity of her life.
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