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Pregnant Pause

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St. Augustine writes, “Before conceiving him in her body, she conceived him in her soul.” Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit and became pregnant with the Messiah. When a woman becomes pregnant, rest is vital for her body. Mary knew that resting in God’s presence became even more of a necessity for her soul. Mary was always contemplating in her heart.


You just want me to be with you today.
Help me to stop the doing.
Help me to let go when I don’t know the answers or what to do next.
You gave me this life to enjoy, with you.
Help me to give my soul a rest and to have fun with you today.


Partake in a hobby or an activity you enjoy—reading, painting, a TV show, cooking—and invite Jesus to be there with you.

Natalie Ryan

1 thought on “Pregnant Pause”

  1. Margaret Dowsett

    Didn’t get to read this until late evening, ironically after spending most of the day fretting about what I ‘should ‘ be doing,what I’m not doing and getting nothing much done at all.
    Still this made me heave a sigh of relief, drop my shoulders and smile..just drinking my cup of tea with Jesus and listening to the street sounds .
    Thanks for reminding me that time is precious.

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