Pause + Pray

One Flickering Flame

woman holding candle


We are given the gift of having St. Francis’ guidance: “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” What are your thoughts on these impactful words this Advent? 


I thank you today, St. Francis,
for all the ways 
you have made my life more radiant. 
Slow me down this season 
So that I can take in the wonder 
of all the lights, 
no matter how hidden, 
no matter how faint. 
Keep showing me that the darkness 
can never extinguish any light 
as I welcome the growing flame of God’s love 
flickering within me. 


Take the time to light a candle today and think of Francis’ words, “where there is darkness let me bring light.” Who in your life could use hope amidst their despair? Pray for them as you watch the flame. 

Maureen O'Brien

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