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Lent with St. Clare: Wednesday of Holy Week

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“Clare and her sisters had hearts as big as the world.”
—St. John Paul II

In a letter marking the eight hundredth year of St. Clare’s birth, Pope St. John Paul II praised St. Clare and her sisters for their endless love of others. “There was no concern, suffering, anguish, or discouragement of others which did not find an echo in the hearts of these prayerful women,” he wrote. This was evident in the times that St. Francis went to St. Clare for counsel regarding his mission and vocation and her persistent care of the health of her sisters.

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For over 27 years, Clare survived the man who had persuaded her to leave everything in order, as a poor woman, to follow the poor Christ. Throughout these twenty-seven years she preserved and defended—sometimes not without difficulty—the ideal of life which she had learnt from Francis himself. These same 27 years were also among the most dramatic in the history of the Franciscan movement.

Throughout this time, Clare was not an isolated onlooker but one of the protagonists who determined and influenced the development of this religious movement which Francis had set in motion. How can we, in this century, follow that example? —from Saint Clare: Beyond the Legend


St. Clare,
You are a model of opening our hearts
to all those in need of love or assistance.
May we be as attuned to others as you and your sisters were.

lent with saint clare

13 thoughts on “Lent with St. Clare: Wednesday of Holy Week”

  1. As Catholics lets start by honoring the new commandment gives to us by Jesus. Love one another as I have love you.

    May your kindness O Lord be upon us as we hope for you.

    G-d Bless.


    Thanks for these 2023 Lenten Holy Reflections.
    May every Christian now pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ against every tactic of the ”many antichrists’ (1 John2 ch.). amen

  3. The next time you are out, purposely smile, talk to or do something unexpectedly nice to someone you do not know….as if they were a dear friend of yours! Then hold the good feeling you have, no matter if your efforts brought returned smiles, thankfulness, happiness or not. That good feeling that you feel is God’s blessings to you and His thanks for “whatever you do, you did for Him”. He is with you always….be not afraid.❤️

  4. I Love SainT Clare She is My Women Patron Saint i am Reading a Book on Her Now. Blessed Blessings and Joyous Joyful Joy To All.

  5. While reading about St. Clare it makes me think about Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s life. Living for the “poorest of the poor” is what God wants from all of us, or so it seems.

  6. Please send Lynn Hallowell the reading material referenced in their comment above and bill my account.
    Thank you.

  7. Kathleen Lydon

    I love St. Clare. When I have my hair cut short I always think of her. I love St. Francis like she did,. An example of living simply in poverty for the Lord. Thank you for your daily reflections on her life. Peace be with you. Kathleen

  8. I pray every day for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and/or to religious life. God has honored me by calling me to the Secular Franciscan Life. And I hope and pray that many more will follow in the footsteps of St Francis and St Clare, who followed Christ so perfectly.
    Peace and good ????✝️????

  9. Such a holy and beautiful friendship Francis and Clare shared , what a difference a spiritual friendship can make in our world . The impact of the fruits of their labor continue to impact so many lives ,even generations later,

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