April 5, 2023

Catholic groups back UN request for international court to act on climate change

UNITED NATIONS (OSV News) — Various Catholic groups praised a United Nations’ resolution that calls on the International Court of Justice to outline countries’ obligations for protecting the earth’s climate, and the legal consequences they face if they don’t carry ...
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Man in kitchen making soup

Our Daily Bread

Reflect We gather at holy and ordinary tables to connect, to be fed and nourished. What we taste, chew, and swallow feeds our bodies and strengthens us for prayer and service—for dwelling in God. Even while many are hungry, food ...
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judas kisses jesus | Photo by Francesco Alberti on Unsplash


Betrayal strikes at the heart of relationships, at the trust that we rely on to keep us in community and family.
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Cross inside a purple heart

Lent with St. Clare: Wednesday of Holy Week

Throughout this time, Clare was not an isolated onlooker but one of the protagonists who determined and influenced the development of this religious movement which Francis had set in motion.
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