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Lent with St. Clare: Good Friday

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“Meditate continually on the mysteries of the cross.”
—Letter to Ermentrude of Bruges

The enormity of Christ offering up his life for us is so great that it will take continual meditation to try and wrap our heads around it. It always will. Clare knew that. All that she did in her life was done in thanksgiving for Christ’s greatest sacrifice on behalf of all of us.

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This theme runs through her entire life—the motif of a plaintive melody. Even before she put this experience into words, Clare lived into the mystery of Christ’s sufferings in the timing of her departure from Assisi. Her Palm Sunday exodus placed her act of renunciation in the midst of the liturgical drama of Holy Week. She joined “the new army of the poor,” and left the city where her armed relatives would demand her return to the Babylon of their wealthy existence. As the days of Holy Week with its Passiontide readings passed, she faced familial outrage and rejection.

She found herself a stranger in a large religious house whose ways were unfamiliar.

The nuns must have been unhappy to have their high holy days disturbed like that. One can imagine their abbess counseling patience and generous forbearance as their noble guest worked out her first steps as a penitent sister. Clare, meanwhile, knew the meaning of the invitation from Hebrews: “Let us then go to him outside the camp, bearing the reproach that he bore. For here we have no lasting city but we seek the one that is to come” (Hebrews 13:13).
—from Light of Assisi: The Story of Saint Clare


St. Clare,
We stand at the foot of the cross with you
and weep with love and gratitude.
May we always remember the enormity
of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.

Lent with St. Clare

9 thoughts on “Lent with St. Clare: Good Friday”

  1. Charlotte Kelly ofs

    I loved the journey with St. Clare this Lent and Holy Week. It helped me to gain insight into who I need to be. Yesterday’s story was particularly poiniant as it was some thing I needed to hear as my desire for perfection made me frustrated with others. It reminded me that it is not all about me, I was lacking in charity toward others. I am grateful for a loving and forgiving God. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to get to know St. Clare more intimidating. Charlotte Kelly ofs

  2. Mary Lou Reisch

    Thank you for these reflections on St. Clare throughout Lent. They were a welcome e-mail each day.A BLESSED EASTER to you and all your readers.

  3. Roberta fawcett

    I feel so blessed to have these beautiful email come to me each day. I as a Fransican Associate continue to learn about St. CLare. She is a saint I truly love along wit St. Francis. I believe that Fransican Media does a great job in all the programs they present. THANK YOU. I found myself getting away from the Franscan. This has truly help me to come back to the the Fransican life which I have always loved.

  4. I followed many sources walking through Lent. However, following with St. Clare was the greatest blessing. Thank you for all you put into these passages. God Bless.

  5. These are such a help in present day situations keeping our focus on the Spiritual Value of Meditation. We often get so
    Involved with political and governmental items that we forget the Eternal . Thanks for reminding us that our time here is limited and the important issues are Eternal.

  6. Thank you for this Lentin experience with St Clare and the Spiritual Value of relationships, prayer and meditation. I looked forward to the comments from those who also followed this 45 day experience and felt a “part of thie group”
    Dot Klein

  7. Having found the Francians church with the closing of my Episcopal church during covid-19 I feel very grateful and right at home. However, I knew very little about St. Clare. I decided during Lent to learn more about her and Wow my eyes were opened. This was the perfect place and I learned so very much. Now I know at the end of the service to whom St Clare is and was. I am happy to have found this site snd looked forward to each day’s readings and prayers. Along with the history of her I so enjoyed the videos and all the comments so now I add mine. Blessings and Happy Easter to all.

  8. I have felt blest that I had the foresight to welcome St Clare into to my morning each day this Lent. God Bless you all. Harry

  9. Such a traumatic experience , and St. Clares response to it all still comes from a place of love and desire to serve Christ and all people she forges on with grace and humility.
    I know this much, I would not be able to do even the smallest bit of Clares action that day.Thank God for St. Clare!

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