March 7, 2023

Sheet music

Music is Prayer

Music was always around during my childhood. From hymns sung at Mass to my parents’ cassette tape collection of early rock and roll hits to piano lessons, there was no shortage of access to music for my four older brothers ...
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McCarrick admits knowing victim as a child, denies sexual assaults

(OSV News) — Disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whose attorneys have argued he should not stand trial due to “progressive and irreparable cognitive deficits,” recalled the name of the man he allegedly sexually abused as a child, although he denied ...
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Back of man in church

Solitude, then Conversion

Reflect According to St. Bonaventure, once, after St. Francis happened upon a leper, and a sense of revulsion turned to compassion, he felt light and peaceful. Francis then longed for solitude—opportunities to be alone with God. After some time of ...
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Fireflies in a lantern | Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Like a Firefly

It’s late July. The Northeast is rolling with the peapod-scent of cornstalks rising and clouds reflect with perfect symmetry in the stillness of the reservoirs. Two of my friends have shared with me their epiphanies of a sort, of seeing ...
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Cross with a purple ribbon

Lent with St. Clare: Second Tuesday

In 1240, a group of Saracen mercenaries attacked the convent at San Damiano on their way to the city of Assisi. St. Clare, though sick and weak, confronted the men and held them off by raising the monstrance containing the ...
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