January 20, 2022

Painting of Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian

In art, Saint Sebastian is often depicted as standing near or strapped to a pole riddled with arrows. Indeed, he was executed by archers, but didn’t actually die. Later he was beaten to death with clubs. Little else is known ...
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Ukrainian crisis threatens peace and democracy in Europe, observers warn

Ukrainian-American Catholics warn a Russian military buildup on Ukraine's border poses a grave threat not only to that nation, but to Europe and democracy itself.
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Sunshine in Your Soul

Driving on a foggy day in the valley can lead to low visibility. The normal route becomes blurred causing me to feel a little lost and panicked, so I slow down.
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Tau Cross

Falling in Love With God

One way the Franciscan tradition should shape or influence our lives is to remind us that our relationship with God is no different than other relationships. It takes communication, time, effort, attention, and love.
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We Are All Connected

We need the Franciscan vision of all creation singing praises to the Creator if we are to flourish in the years and centuries to come.
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