Franciscan Saints

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You Are a Son of Heaven

Francis undoubtedly carried a bit of guilt about his dramatic and showy rejection of his father in the city square many years before.
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The Call to Christian Discipleship

Our love and suffering as Christian disciples, like the Lord’s on the cross, does not happen in vain.
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Surrender All for Christ

Both Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi recognized the importance of what happened at the cross as a model for Christian life.
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Take Up Your Cross

Those few friends and family members who stayed behind and perhaps risked their own lives for the sake of their friend and Lord have denied themselves to follow Jesus.
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Dear Reader: God Is the Artist

Though St. Francis of Assisi was, to his core, an institutional Catholic, he found God everywhere, not just under the roof of a church.
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Loving Creation, Loving God 

When we allow ourselves to be as open as a child in our relationship with creation, we are one step closer to bringing about the kingdom of God. 
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