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Faith and Family: Lessons from the Road

Hanging in our house is a large corkboard map of the United States. On the board are various pins placed on locations across the country, each one marking a place to which we have traveled.
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A Prayer for Family

Family can take many forms—beyond our blood relatives. Family can also encompass friends, neighbors, and coworkers.
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Editorial: Avoiding Conflict on Thanksgiving

For those who have difficult family situations, Thanksgiving can be a dreaded event that means dashed hopes, conflict, and sadness. But it needn't be that way.
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father and son laughing together.

Joys and Challenges of Family

Family relationships can be the most joyful ones we have—but they can also be the most strained.
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Parent with child

The Pull of Family Life

If you have children and aging parents, you understand the daily, intergenerational push and pull of family life. But how often do give yourself a moment to appreciate what you offer?
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What Does ‘Normal’ Look Like?

Reflect There are no normal families. All families have their eccentricities, their conflicts and their virtues. Some families struggle more than others, but all of them need our prayers. Pray Lord,by your incarnationyou became a brother to me.You know the joysof having ...
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