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The Ups and Downs of Family Life

Reflect Families are complex. We have good days and bad days. St. Joseph reminds us that the calling to be a father, mother, son, or daughter is a calling from God that draws us into a life-giving relationship with others. Pray ...
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Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

Reflect Family is at the core of our social structure and given great importance in our Catholic faith. But sometimes we take our families for granted or even experience deep rifts with some of our loved ones. Let’s pray for ...
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A Racial Reality Check

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a middle-aged, White woman who lives in a predominantly White area. I am privileged in ways that I probably don’t even comprehend. As a mom, I have never had to have “the talk” with my son ...
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Let Us Pray: New Beginnings

God encounters our season of pain and brings forth healing and new life.
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The Reality of Love

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I don’t like my kids. The same thing goes for my husband, Mark, too.
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My Kitchen Is Hallowed Ground

Recently, after a long day of cooking, I took to my Facebook page and posted the following message: “In all my travels, I have been to my fair share of holy sites—St. Peter’s in Rome, the monastery of St. Clare, ...
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