Sharing the Word for May 27, 2022

Memorial of Saint Augustine of Canterbury

May 27, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 16:20-23

As Jesus speaks to his apostles at the Last Supper he prepares them for the hour when he will be put to death on Good Friday. It’s just hours away.

And when Jesus dies, it will seem like their whole world will have come to an end. “In a little while,” Jesus says, “you will not see me.” It is a fearful time for them because without Jesus in their lives, they will be totally helpless.

But all is not lost, for Jesus also says “In a little while you will see me.” Jesus is showing them that his death is not the end but in fact will be the occasion when he rises from the tomb on Easter Sunday. And then their whole lives and fortunes will be changed forever.

This is what we call “the good news of the gospel.” It is Jesus’ promise that even though all must die on their earthly journey, it is only the beginning of eternal life with God. Death is not final, but only the passage way into unending life with God and our loved ones.

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