Sharing the Word for May 26, 2022

Memorial of Saint Philip Neri

May 26, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 16:16-20

Jesus has told the disciples he’s going away. Now he gets more specific. “I will be gone for a little while, and then in a little while I will come back,” he says. Jesus is referring to the interval between the Last Supper and his death, and between his death and the resurrection. Jesus will be gone, but then he will return.

Sometimes Jesus seems absent. We seem to be alone. Yet Jesus is never absent for long. When he returns, he returns as the risen Lord–overcoming sadness and fear and loneliness, and bringing joy to those who seek him.

Jesus invites us to look for his presence and action in our lives. In a little while we will see him and we will rejoice.

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