May 27, 2022

Pope, with Ukrainian families, to lead rosary for peace May 31

Pope Francis and Ukrainian families in Rome will gather May 31 before a statue of Mary, Queen of Peace, to recite the rosary for peace in Ukraine and in other places at war.

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Our Unbreakable Bonds

Family might mean different things to different people. You might have a “work family” or a “family of friends.” Take a moment to think of someone from one of these groups and let that person know who she or he is for you. They may be surprised and almost certainly delighted.

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Loving ‘the Other’ as St. Francis Did

If the walls we build around us are too high, light cannot reach us.

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Prayer Takes Us Beyond Ourselves

The impulse that grounds the act of prayer is an unconditional and sensitive openness to that which transcends all the ins and outs of everyday life.

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