Sharing the Word for May 18, 2021

Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

May 18, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Acts 20:17-27

From Ephesus Paul sets out on a re-visitation of many of the places he had been before. He then returned toward Jerusalem because he knew the Spirit was guiding him there, and from there to Rome.

Approaching Ephesus on the way back, he called a meeting of the leaders of the Ephesus church at Miletus, near Ephesus. He presented them with a kind of last will and testament. He reminded them of how he had called them to repentance and to faith, and how he had born witness to the gospel of God’s grace. He had fully lived up to his gospel responsibilities toward them.

Preachers of today have the right to take satisfaction in their work and to expect gratitude from their hearers.

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