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Gratitude Is Good for You

The good news from science is that gratitude can lead to chemical bodily responses that bring health benefits and longer life spans.
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Pop-up Prayers

Pop-up demonstrations surprise us with their energy and brevity. Pop-ups can be fun. I will be alert today to opportunities to pop-up a prayer of gratitude.
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man is walking in the fields at sunrise

It Will Be Solved in the Walking

Solvitur ambulando! It will be solved by walking! It will be solved in the walking! Where there is movement—whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or intellectual—there is abundant life.
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priest holding up a chalice with both hands

The Chalice of Your Heart

Mother Teresa wrote, “Let him empty and transform you, and afterward, fill the chalice of your heart to the brim.” How does this quote impact you today? Is your life in a season of emptiness or fullness?
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man holding American flag, transparent by sunlight

Our Beloved Country

There are real problems in our beloved country, but we are here, in this place, in this moment, and are therefore called to be stewards of what we’ve received.
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open hands pasture of surrender

To Toil or Not to Toil

Too often we blindly strive for success, fulfillment, riches, or pleasure. As the Book of Wisdom reminds us, even as they grumbled and complained, God provided his people with manna from Heaven, a food that conformed to every taste.
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man put hands in his hand as a sign of forgiveness

Forgiveness Is a Process

Forgiveness is not a one-time event or even a quick remedy. Forgiveness is a choice, a process, and a desire for which we can ask.
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