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Pray the News

There is a subtle temptation to reduce the spiritual life to a relationship between “me and Jesus.” We wrongfully treat others and the world as distractions.
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‘What Is God?’

The road to the wisdom Thomas Aquinas gained in his life began when he was a youngster and asked the same question so many children do: “What is God?”
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Stop and Look Around

So often we get caught up in the day to day rush of life that we forget to stop and soak in the many blessings that surround us.
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Be Like the Baptist

Though you may not envision yourself as a prophet or evangelizer, you might not realize the ways you are actually spreading the gospel.
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What’s in Today’s Mail?

Thank you that my needs are simple. Help me resist the urge to order from each colorful catalog. Lead me to make good choices.
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Quiet the Noise

Too often we spend the season of Advent rushing, wrapping, planning, and budgeting. But we’re missing the point.
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People holding hands during sunset while riding bikes

Lavish Generosity

God never ceases to be generous with us, even when we do not pay attention or miss things.
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