Pause + Pray

Stewards of Sacred Creation


Every day, elements of nature nourish and sustain each of us. We eat the fruits of the earth. We enjoy the beauty of animals. We are refreshed by the goodness of water and air and fire. All that God has created is good, sacred, and holy. They are gifts to strengthen us.


Creator God, thank you for all the gifts you provide each day
to help us grow in health and holiness.
I pray that I never take for granted the goodness of your creation.
Help me to respect all that you have given.
Help me to care for the earth.
Give me the courage and strength
to conserve 
and protect clean air, water and soil,
so all creatures can experience your love.


Pour yourself a glass of water. Before you drink it, take care to meditate on the wonder of this element provided to you by your loving God. Swallow the water slowly, feeling the flow of God’s gift enter your body and hydrate your cells. Then ask God what you are called to do to better steward this gift, so all God’s creatures can enjoy clean water too.

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