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Gifted With Enthusiasm


The idea of an enthused God stands in meaningful contrast to the stern, judgmental Old Testament God. Think of a God who gets excited about Yosemite or Big Bear; a God who smiles when beholding a Van Gogh painting or listening to the “New World Symphony”; a God who laughs with a child; a God who sings. If you lack the gift of enthusiasm yourself, witness it through some loved ones blessed with that gift. They’ll help you get to know the enthused God.


Lord, I lack the capacity to be enthused.
I long to share in your joyful enthusiasm.
Guide me to notice more of all you have created
that can give rise to enthusiasm.
Help me to know that when I allow myself to be enthused,
this is a marvelous prayer of gratitude.


There is a phrase in a self-help group that goes, “Fake it till you make it.” Try to act enthused about something today. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. It could be something as simple as a child’s laugh or a tasty meal.

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