April 6, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for April 10, 2022

Luke remains consistent to the characteristics he’s highlighted all through his Gospel. He especially depicts Jesus’ concern for those on the margins of society--shown as the Lord heals in the Garden, comforts the weeping women, forgives his executioners, and welcomes ...
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Stained Glass window of Saint Crescentia Hoess

Saint Crescentia Hoess

The story of Saint Crescentia Hoess is a twist on the story of rags to riches. Born into material poverty, she eventually rose to true spiritual wealth. But not without many obstacles, including a number of physical ailments.
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Archbishop from Assisi brings first-class relic of Blessed Acutis to US

Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, Italy, brought a first-class relic of Blessed Carlos Acutis to a Catholic high school on Long Island April 4 as he began a five-day tour with the relic.
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Faith and Family for April 10: Palm Sunday

This week, we enter into Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday. In the Gospel, we recount the narrative of Jesus' passion and death.
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Gifted With Enthusiasm

I like the idea of an enthused God. It stands in meaningful contrast to the stern judgmental Old Testament God of my youth. I lack the gift of enthusiasm but witness it through some loved ones blessed with that gift.
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