April 4, 2022

Pope: Church must be centered on witness, not religious customs alone

Malta’s great spiritual and pastoral traditions must serve as a road map to the future for the Catholic Church, rather than a relic commemorated with “received traditions, solemn celebrations, popular festivals and powerful and emotional moments,” Pope Francis said.

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Reconnect with Nature

ARE YOU FEELING depleted, empty, and pushed to your limits? Are you considering tossing your phone out the window the next time it rings? Before you do, the solution to these questions may be found by embracing nature. 

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Stewards of Sacred Creation

Pour yourself a glass of water and meditate on the wonder of this element provided to you by your loving God before you drink it. Swallow the water slowly, feeling the flow of God’s gift enter your body and hydrate your cells.

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Lent with Padre Pio: Fifth Monday

We cannot preach in the same way as Padre Pio did. But we can spread that same message through our own lives. In that sense, we are all preachers.

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The Demonization of the Other

In these days, we are being invited to share in the passion of Jesus, and in the aloneness and fear of all who have been hated and hunted down since the beginning of time.

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